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Undereye skin is the thinnest skin on our body so no wonder that it is one of the first areas to show signs of aging, one of them being crepiness. The skin of the face is constantly bombarded by UV radiation and not just when we are outside because UVA can also pass through windows and even blue light emitted from screens of electronic devices has been shown to impact the skin, so it is all the more important to apply SPF to this delicate area. 

Treatment of crepey skin under the eyes requires repeated sessions and diligent maintenance as the aim is to build up the levels of collagen and elastin and for this we rely on the body's ability to produce them. Wrinkles which appear on movement can be corrected with injections of botulinum toxin and those which are present even at rest can be filled with a very light dermal filler. The thickness of the skin can be improved with the use of microneedling and biostimulating treatments such as SUNEKOS®: the first uses the principle of controlled micro-injuries while the other uses a patented mixture of hyaluronic acid and amino acids; both stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the extracellular matrix. Darkness of the skin can be lightened with the help of chemical peels and with the use of Belotero Revive® which has been clinically proven to reverse signs of photoaging and lighten hyperpigmentation. 

Treatment of Crepey Undereye Skin
in Mallorca


Treatments for Crepey Undereye Skin at MD AESTHETICS® in Mallorca


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