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Having visible, enlarged pores is an issue which bothers a large majority of patients and the causes of this are numerous. By far the most common reason is excess sebum production, whether due to improper skincare or simply by having an oily skin type. The excess sebum mixed with dead skin cells, makeup and skincare product build up in the pores; leading to their expanding in size. The second most common cause is loss of collagen in the skin which translates to a loss of elasticity. This loss of collagen can be due to aging, but excessive sun exposure is also a factor,  as UV radiation is known to destroy collagen strands.


Collagen induction therapy, also known as microneedling, is an effective way of enhancing collagen production in the skin and to reduce pore size. Having regular Hydrafacial® sessions is also an effective way to reduce visibility of pores and the treatment is completely painless and non-invasive. 

A recent innovation in the field is to inject small doses of diluted neuromodulator, botulinum toxin (BOTOX®), into the areas of the skin affected by enlarged pores to target the sweat glands, oil glands, and the arrector pili muscles, all of which control the size of pores. Patients who undergo this procedure also notice less facial flushing and less sebum production which leads to better overall skin quality.

Our MD Clarity Facial, only available at MD AESTHETICS®, deeply penetrates congested pores and instantly infuses the skin with moisturising molecules.

Treatment of Enlarged Pores
in Mallorca

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Treatments for Enlarged Pores at MD AESTHETICS® in Mallorca


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