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These horizontal lines that run across the forehead in both men and women of all ages are caused by the repeated lifting of the eyebrows. We all raise our eyebrows when expressing different emotions but some of us also use the forehead muscle to assist in lifting heavy eyelids. With increasing age as the level of collagen and elastin drops the skin looses its elasticity and the wrinkles which form with movement soon become permanent static lines. Excessive sun exposure, high sugar intake and smoking are all factors which damage collagen in the skin so such lifestyle choices will lead to a premature appearance of static forehead lines. 

The most common and effective treatment of forehead wrinkles and prevention of static forehead lines is injecting BOTOX® into the muscle responsible for raising the eyebrows, in a way that the patient is still able to raise them but not excessively enough to result in the appearance of folds in the skin. Already static lines, can be made shallower with the use of microneedling to induce more collagen production and with the use of medium-depth chemical peels such as TCA. 

Treatment of Forehead Lines
in Mallorca

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Treatments for Forehead Lines at MD AESTHETICS® in Mallorca


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