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While genetics play a big part in the size and shape of our lips, we are all affected by the process of aging; it is natural for the lips to get thinner as we get older because the rate of collagen production decreases significantly from the age of 25 onwards. In addition, the level of elastin in and around the lips also falls, resulting in not only a loss of plumpness but also in a gradual change in shape and disappearance of definition. 

One way to improve the size and/or shape of the lips this is with lip fillers where the body of the lips is injected with a gel containing hyaluronic acid (which naturally occurs in our body) process where the lips are injected with a gel which contains a substance similar to hyaluronic acid (which the body produces naturally). 

After lip filler injections, it is recommended follow some recommendations for the best results. These include: avoiding sun exposure, avoiding sun bed, avoiding excessive temperature e.g. saunas,, not drinking alcohol in the first 24 hours post treatment, as well as avoiding strenuous exercise.

Thin Lips solutions
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