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How to stop lip fillers from migrating?

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Filler migration gives the procedure of lip augmentation a lot of bad reputation and many are discouraged from having the treatment done in the first place thinking that the ''duck lip'' is the only look they could possibly achieve with fillers. It is of course a misconception since lip fillers, when performed correctly, make lips look more beautiful without being obvious and drawing negative attention. Chances are you see people with lip fillers every day but do not realise they had their lips filled because they look so natural.

Migrated lip filler can look unsightly and can even look like a ''moustache'' due to the shadow it creates just above the top lip. Fortunately, as long as you opt for a hyaluronic acid based product, the migrated filler can be dissolved with hyaluronidase. Nevertheless, it is always better to avoid it in the first place and the good news is that it can be avoided by following some easy rules:

1. Do not re-inject the vermillion border - a crisp vermillion border is a sign of youth and we often inject a very small amount of filler into it to define it. However, repeated injections into this delicate structure break it down allowing the filler to ''spill'' outside of the red lip.

2. Do not inject filler into your lips too frequently - giving your lips plenty of time between sessions allows the tissue to stretch and create space for more filler. This is essential especially in the case of small lips which have never been injected before. A 3 month gap between sessions is the minimum for best results.

3. Do not overfill the lips - this is an easy one. The lips will only accommodate so much before the product starts moving into neighbouring tissues following the path of least resistance. It is recommended not to inject more than 1 syringe in the first session.

4. Massaging the lips - unless the doctor instructs you to massage the lips, do not attempt it as it will only move the product.

5. Go to the right practitioner - do not choose your injector based on the price. Ensure that they are a trained medical practitioner and use fillers from renowned brands.


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